Main Functions of Management in the Organization

Management in company

Management refers to the art of getting things done through others. Management is required in every organization as it is pervasive. It helps the organization for achieving its targets and goals. It’s an act of achieving organizational targets by providing a healthy working environment for employees and firms to work together.

Management includes functions known as “POSDCORB” given by Luther Gullick.

“ In most successful organizations, management is an essential element.”

  • P — Planning,
  • O — Organizing,
  • S — Staffing,
  • D — Directing,
  • Co — Co-ordination
  • R — Reporting
  • B — Budgeting

Types of management functions

Planning:- It means planning what to do, how to do when to do it. For achieving the predetermined organizational goals, systematic planning is required. It is an intellectual activity that is necessary to prevent wastage, risk, and uncertainty and ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Phases included in the planning stage are:-

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Establishing goals
  • Planning of premises
  • Identifying Alternatives
  • Evaluating each alternative
  • Selecting right alternatives
  • Formulation of plans
  • Execution of plan
Planning Process

Organizing:- It refers to assembling all the resources in the organization for division of work. In the organization process capital, raw materials, employees, and capital are assembled for achieving organizational goals. Organizational structure is determined based on living and nonliving resources.

The following steps are included:-

  • Identifying activities
  • Grouping of activities
  • Assigning duties and roles
  • Delegating authority and responsibility
  • Coordination of these activities

Staffing:- This is the next step in the management process. In this process, the organization recruits eligible employees for role-playing in the organization. To choose the right person for the right place and to estimate the right amount of manpower supply required in the organization, a staffing process is implemented.

Staffing Process

“Proper planning of manpower helps the organization to make a way for the entry of new and fresh talent in the organization.”

  • Recruiting the right person, selecting them, placing them in the right roles
  • Orientation, training, development of employees
  • Performance appraisal, transfer all these steps are included in staffing

Directing:- Once the employees are recruited the next step is to supervise them and direct their efforts towards achieving the goals of the organization. In the organization, there is a need to influence, guide, supervise and motivate the subordinates to achieve organizational goals or direct their efforts towards organizational goals. It includes-:A

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Supervision, guiding
  • Communicating with employees

Controlling:- This is the last step in the management process. Actual Results are measured with the standard results to compare the progress. To make sure that organizational objectives and desired plans can be achieved, a controlling process is exercised to measure and correct the activities performed by the subordinates. Following steps are involved in this process:

  • Establishing standards for performance
  • Actual performance is measured
  • Comparing standard performance from actual performance
  • Finding out deviations and then taking corrective actions


To administer the growth in the organization and regulate the workings, management is required in every firm. Nature of organization, its type, and structure doesn’t matter for implementation of management functions